SwiftKey Beta’s new Photo Theme lets you use your own Images to create custom keyboard themes.

Hey guys, we all use SwiftKey Keyboard right?

One of the major advantage of using SwiftKey keyboard is its large number of themes, which are free to all users! And now the number of themes officially jumps to infinity by its latest beta update in which a new feature added called Photo Themes. This new feature allows you to use any image of your choice you want to create a Custom Keyboard Theme.

To use the Photo Themes feature follow these steps :

1. Download or update to the latest SwiftKey Beta.

2. Then click on the “Themes” section of the app, and go to the “Custom” tab.

3. There you can start creating your own theme by uploading an image from your device.

Once you upload an image, you can use a slider to determine the transparency appears in the background of your keyboard. You can also choose whether to make key borders and symbols visible or not.

In this latest update, you can also type in Ossetian.

Though this feature is not so new as most of the Keyboard already have this feature, but there are huge number of SwiftKey Keyboard user so this is very useful to them.


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