Rooting Android in 2018

Hey Guys What’s up? Hope you all are doing well. So every now and then many ask me about Rooting Android in 2018 does it make sense? So in this post we are going to clear all the queries about this.



It’s 2018 while Android P is around the corner just few days back first developer preview of Android P released for Pixel devices but Android O which Released last year but only 0.7% of the devices are running on it right now which is very low.
It’s not about only Android Version update most of the OEM’s doesn’t even provide monthly security patches which are very necessary.

If you root your android phone and install a custom ROM for your device can solve all the problems related to android updates No longer you have to wait for the OEM to rollout Android Update for your Device. If you prefer regular updates then rooting your Android does make sense.


You can see many unnecessary Apps come pre-installed When you buy A New phone which not only eats lots of internal storage but also makes the phone slow. By Rooting your android phone you can uninstall these unnecessary apps and free space and can also make the phone fast.


Rooting your Android device can help you to take backup of your device more precisely and efficiently. You can take backup of a App along with it’s data so whenever you restore the app will be exactly in the same condition as it was before. TITANIUM BACKUP app needed for this.

This Backup think advances more if you have a Custom Recovery installed on your phone. Using custom recovery you can create backup of your whole ROM which is very handful if by mistake your phone faces bootloop or any other OS related issue.


Your phone is lagging and takes too much time to open up apps because of a Old CPU but you can solve it by rooting your device. Overclocking your CPU can help you to speed up your device. Sometimes You don’t need the power your phone’s CPU holds at that time Underclocking Your device CPU can give you more battery backup as it uses less power.


There are many thing a Custom ROM can give. You can get tons of customisation either you can use heavily skinned Android ROMs like MIUI, EMUI, COLOR OS else if you are a Stock Android Fan then you can Use AOSP, RR, AICP like ROMs which doesn’t only gives you the feel of Pure Stock Android but also gives many UI customisations.


Like I mentioned before about the TITANIUM BACKUP App There are also other rooted apps which can give you much more than a ordinary app can give. From gesture control to battery management to File Managers and many more rooted apps are there which can give you much more control than ordinary apps.

These are the reason you should still consider Rooting Android In 2018. What Do you think about it. If you have any query then comment down below we will be happy to help.


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